My name is Keith Watson and I deal with all the technical website and product creation side for Adam Eason
What a great place to arrive if you want to find out all about hypnosis.

We have a lot aimed at you and will help you orientate and get started. 
Many have arrived at his website to dip their toes and finished up with a new career as qualified hypnotherapists - so beware - you may get smitten when you find out how good this stuff really is!

Besides helping thousands of people solve their problems with his clinical hypnotherapy sessions Adam has built up a School Of Hypnotherapy and loves nothing more than developing people with hypnosis skills.  He is absolutely dedicated to spreading knowledge and teaching the skills involved in successful hypnosis practice.

PLEASE NOTE:  I want to emphasise that YES you DO get a lot sent to you during the first week but I promise we do not keep up the bombardment.  After the initial eight days you will usually only get one e-mail (Adam Up on a Thursday) and occassionaly a second.

  1. On nearly every page of Adam Eason's website you will see a box in the top right hand corner where you can enter your name and e-mail address and you will receive a FREE download of a "Safe, Controlled Relaxation Hypnosis Session" and an e-book "The Happy Brain Manual"
  2. You will find a couple of additional files sent at the same time which are aimed at telling you the basics about hypnosis and giving you practice in going into a hypnotic trance.
  3. In addition there is a five day mini-course that will get sent to you daily.  We aim in the first week to tell you a bit about ourselves and to make you an offer that will enable you to work on some self-improvement that you personally would like.  The very best way to get to grips with how you view clinical hypnosis (this is nothing to do with any stage hypnosis that you may have seen) is to try it for yourself and check out the results.
  4. During the first week of receiving our information you will also be sent yet another freebie - an eBook by an Australian guy Bob Collier, called "How To Use Hypnosis Effectively"TIP: Check this book out because you get a great Offer included at the end of the book.
  5. Every Thursday you will also receive a link via e-mail to Adam's weekly ezine called AdamUp (I don't like the word ezine but Adam does - I prefer newsletter)  We tend to have a different theme each month.  You will also find all our special offers, forthcoming events, latest releases here so please check that out.  I still see people buy things in our shop at full price when they could have had a huge discount if only they had checked out Adam Up.
  6. If you live in the UK or can visit easily then you might want to attend Adam's incredibly popular "Self Hypnosis Seminar".  It is an amazing day where participants get the opportunity to do things they really didn't think they could do.  The seminars are held in London, Manchester and Adam's home town of Bournemouth.  To see the next dates available always look at the latest Adam Up