We sometimes get asked whether we supply Adam's products as CDs.

The answer is a strange one - YES and NO!.  It was too confusing to explain in our shop so I will attempt to answer here.

Way back in 2005 / 2006 when Adam and I started producing products to sell online we did produce the first six titles we made as CDs.  We had to purchase in sets of 1000 to keep the unit price down.  We found however that the market was changing and that even back then over 95% of our sales were as MP3 downloads - simply because they were cheaper, immediately available anywhere in the world and there were no additional shipping costs. 

So the situation is that six years later we still have a few of the original six products available as CDs.  We don't have them available in our shop because people were getting confused and thinking we had all our products available as CDs.  Also some people who actually had purchased an MP3 download thought that they had ordered a CD.  So we dropped any reference to CDs in our shop to avoid this sort of confusion.

But you who are reading this know better.  We do however have the following titles available as a CD if you would prefer and you can get in touch with me on Skype or ask at this Help Desk and I will be in touch.

Stop Smoking In 7 Days - 2 Disks - £15 + Shipping £5 (UK)  or £10 Abroad
Think Yourself Thin - 6 Disks  £24 + Shipping £8 (UK) or £15 Abroad
Melt Stress - 2 Disks - £15 + Shipping £5 (UK) or £10 Abroad
Wealth Wizard - 2 Disks - £20 + Shipping £5 (UK) or £10 Abroad
Ultimate Confidence - 2 Disks - £20 + Shipping £5 (UK) or £10 Abroad
Phobia Release - 2 Disks - £20 + Shipping £5 (UK) or £10 Abroad