The majority of products that we sell are digital and can be delivered immediately.
We are sometime asked what alternatives there are because fast broadband delivery is not available everywhere.

We do not usually supply CD versions - please see separate answer clearing up the issues about CDs.

Some of our products for delivery are very large and can take some time to download - particularly the video files.  In some situations such as the Diploma Course  for which there are over 60 hours of video it is impractical to download the files and we stream them online.  The problem with this though is that you the customer will need pretty good internet service to view and that is not always the case depending on where you live.

The solution to this is for us to deal with you individually if you do have these sort of delivery issues and provide the files to you in a different way.

For a negotiated fee we can put the files onto an external USB hard-drive or a SD disk or a Flash drive and ship to you.  We are totally flexible about this and can adapt to whatever works best for you and where you live geographically.  For example a SD disk (which can be used by most modern laptop computers is very small and can be shipped easily anywhere in the world.

Here is a recent example of how we dealt with one client.  He ordered a USB hard drive from Amazon but had it shipped direct to us. We put on it the Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Videos (60 hours of recordings of Adam's course) and The Rapid Inductions videos and sent on to the client.  All sorted in about 5 days.

Of course you need to contact us direct to sort out those sort of arrangements.  However we love to be of service so please get in touch if you have any personal.

To get in touch the best methods are via this Support Site or alternatively Skype (my skype ID is keithaw2k1).  Forget e-mail - the delivery is not guaranteed always whereas contacting here is.