You don't get them from the shop at all. 

They are available online within the membership area.  The narrative tracks need to be listened to online but the hypnosis sessions themselves are downloadable. 

For monthly members they are made available on a timeline but anyone who has paid up front I can set it so that you can get access to any of the tracks now.  Some of the upfront payers prefer to still get things on a timeline as it is impossible to listen to everything at once and that provides a delivery that works for them.  The other thing about the timeline approach is that you can see on the right hand side what is coming next and the date of delivery - this gives it all some structure and many find that they go through the series more methodically.
The other option is that you will find that once the online version has been made available in the membership area then you get the chance to buy a download version of the whole programme at a 75% discount.

Hope that makes sense.