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Adam sent me Wealth Wizard YEARS ago and believe it or not I like 98% of WEALTH seekers listen several times and then was on to the next thing I heard about! I finally decided to start listening again because it was on my smartphone. WOW!!! It has been AWESOME! After decades of looking for the way to stop SELF SABOTAGING Wealth Wizard has FINALLY broken that vicious cycle FOREVER and I am on my way to being a DECA-MILLIONAIRE! Adam if there is ANYWAY I can give you a testimony let me know! I have studied with numerous wealth gurus and even had several as clients. I have read hundreds of books even by one of my clients who is a best selling wealth guru! NOTHING has come close to the RESULTS I have experienced with Wealth Wizard! Kudos to Adam

Thank you Hugh.  Kind words indeed and we all here at Adam Eason's Hypnotherapy School will watch your progress with interest.

Hi Adam

Thanks to your recent offer on the 1day self hypnosis course I've enrolled.

I feel it's just what I have needed for a long time, to get rid of in depth problems and help other people with theirs, if the course works out as well as I expect it to I will go on to the Intensive Diploma course.

Buloo Bob Carr

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