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Hi I today downloaded my first hypnotic single and it won't let me open it. It says I need to delete it and try again but the download then stated it has expired so I think I've wasted my money what can I do I'm no very good at downloading. I'm on my Sony z3 phone

Hello Samantha,

Sorry you have had a download issue.  To be honest it is best to download these audios on a laptop or pc if possible. They are only MP3 files but they are zipped for download and on a phone or tablet you usually have to add an app for unzipping the files before you can play them.  It's easy but you have to know how.  It is much easier on a laptop and then you can load the MP3 file onto your phone if you want to listen to it on your mobile device.

Here is the file download page - which won't expire so you can try until you sort it ok.

Let go of anger - with a clenched fist.

Kindest Regards
Keith Watson


Dear Keith

I have just purchased " Self  Hypnosis Starter Pack" order ID 6405

My upload file indicates that it is there but when I go to excess it  flips me back to your page that says "You will be asked for a password........." I also have not seen the page that says

 Your Bundle of Goodies

I'm stuck in a loop what can I do? I'm using my laptop.

Hi Keith

I have just ordered some more product #6526 with Pay Pal intending to use my coupon code and the space for the code was not there and it went through without the discount. I like to take advantage of the savings. Is there anything I can do now? with BORNEMOUTH27 I hope so.

I love the product and am learning lots.

Thanking you in advance. Keith Perry

More Problems with the download of "Mind your Weight" As I click on GO TO YOUR DOWNLOAD PAGE nothing happens.

please help


PS this is from the above order ( last post above)

 Hello Keith,

Here is a direct link to your download audios for Mind Your Weight.

The place to put the discount code is during the check out payment procedure.
There is a holiday here in the UK today but I will be back in my office tomorrow and will try to work out something for you.

Kindest Regards
Keith Watson

Thanks Keith

I really appreciate all that you are doing for me.


You are welcome Keith and I hope you have your audios now.  You use them often - they really help.

Kindest Regards

Keith Watson

I am unable to input my password to see the page which is hypnostarter. I put the password in and nothing happens. There is no option to click to reset the password.

Also I am unable to download the Hypnotic wealth mindset file.

There were however no problems with paying for this aggro.

Is this a rip-off?

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