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HPD Audio guide

Hi Keith,

I'm trying to listen to the HPD Audio guide but when I click on the link (at the bottom of the page with all the videos from our diploma course), I get stuck in a loop.  It takes me to an unrelated page.

Please could you take a look?

Many thanks - gotta get those pesky essays finished!


Hello Debbie,
I am just writing to let you know I have seen your message.  I am currently on the way to Essex for the weekend and will be in London all day on Monday but I will try to have a look sometime tomorrow (Saturday) to see what is going on.  Sorry about the problem.
I will write as soon as I have fixed whatever is going on.
It would really help me if you could copy the link of the page you are on when this problem arises.  Just copy and paste it into a reply to this message if you understand what I mean.
Kindest Regards


Please don't worry until next week. It can wait til you're back! Have a good weekend, Debbie.
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